Why fitness matters and why gym rats make great entrepreneurs

Jeff Bezos: Founder of Amazon If you took at look at the world’s richest man today, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, the first thing you would notice is how great in shape he is. Not just any regular Joe, but actually how fit he looks, as if he’s been pumping iron and planning to make a surprise entrance at Mr Olympia. Like him, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia often shows his more masculine side with acts of bear hunting and swimming in ice waters with shades on. No it's not a coincidence. As leaders of large corporations and nations, often these men in power need to project an air of confidence, to show to their fellow colleagues that they are fit to lead, fit to take on challenges that the company or country may face. Its not just all about big muscles. Countless CEOs and heads of companies often have personal gyms and exercise regimens in place. Though they may not sport the muscles of Bezos, fitness for them serves a different purpose. To maintain peak health that is required when running a company in today’s fast moving world.

You see, often leaders of companies are required to be sharp, think on their feet and work long hours. This puts a toll on the body. The leader who can work 15 16 hours a day will in the end get more work done than the other guy down the street. And to do this, they need to maintain a good fitness regimen that keeps their brains energized and awake. Health is a big indicator of productivity. No entrepreneur or CEO can lead a meeting if he’s having a flu or being drowsy from Panadol pills he popped to help his headache he got that morning. Being your best is a constant effort, whether with their team at the office, or with prospective clients at a late night dinner. So you see, the fitter and healthier the entrepreneur, the tougher they are and have a much higher chance of break through those hard moments when everyone is counting on them.

Apart from just the health aspects, fitness activities, such as running and going to the gym tells alot about a person’s character. It tells three important facts

1) Someone who always seeks to improve themselves. When anyone goes to the gym, they first need to admit to themselves they are not the best they can be, and to be better, they need to lift the weights and run the miles.
2) Someone who is willing to put in the hard work. Running, gyming, exercise in general is hard work. No one says it's going to be easy. But continuous hard effort will end up showing results.
3) Someone who is determined. Being in great shape is not just for looks. It’s an indicator that this person has put in the effort and is in great health. To get it, one must put in long hours over a continuous period of months. One must be willing to push past the comfort zone, whether its putting on an extra five kilos of weight, or running that extra mile.

As you can tell, these traits are what every investor looks out for in an entrepreneur. Which brings me to my next point, where to find such people. The gym rats. The runners at the track. The people working out at seven in the morning. These individuals have the basic traits already in them already to be great entrepreneurs. That’s why we at Hustle Fund Asia strongly believe that any entrepreneur that works out regularly is already on track to be a business success.

If you are currently not working out regularly, start now. Your health matters. If you already are, and am interested in starting a business, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.