Forget Series A. We invest in Series Zero. And no, we are not crazy

Ok, I’m not going to lie. We don’t have some secret ingredient or magic formula that magically turns anyone into a rock star entrepreneur making millions the next day. That would make for a nice storybook though.

However, what we do give, is the initial fuel to the fire. Entrepreneurs have this passion, a burning desire to make a difference. They wish to solve this problem that they feel will make society better, create jobs, and eventually a better future for all of us. Nevertheless, the reality is most ideas just remain ideas, stuck inside the head of the entrepreneur, never to resurface ever again. Eventually that passion dies out and he goes back to daily grind of life, joining the rest of society.

"There are so many great ideas by so many great individuals that just go to waste, unrealised, because there was no support system."

It's the ecosystem. Unfortunately, here in South East Asia, we do not yet have a culture of risk taking, of supporting new ventures and going into the unknown. Our private sector investors not exposed to the potential benefits these upstarts can bring, not only to their returns on investment, but to the economy as a whole. There just is no ecosystem to match investors to entrepreneurs. No one vetting ideas, mentoring entrepreneurs and providing the initial funds.

That’s where Hustle Funds Asia was born. We invest in hilariously early stage entrepreneurs with great ideas and great passion. We provide that much needed very early seed funding. Series Zero. We provide the connections to the right strategic angels that can help their startup. We provide the mentorship from experienced partners that run businesses and work in sectors of consulting and investment banking. Above all, we have a genuine interest in building great businesses together with passionate committed entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who take no for an answer. Entrepreneurs who can find all ways to get to their goal, whether bashing in through the front door, back door, climbing through the roof or digging under the floor. They are individuals that aren’t afraid to put themselves out there for the world to see, to take the hits and still stand back up. What do we call such passionate individuals? We call them hustlers. Thus, the realisation of the Hustle Fund, the fund by Hustlers for Hustlers in South East Asia.